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M5V sales centre takes LEED

M5V reveals that green living does not mean you have to compromise on design or a comfortable lifestyle

Excerpt from an article by Shelly Sanders Greer – Toronto Star

M5V, developed by TAS Design/Build, reveals what potential purchasers can expect from green initiatives in this 30-storey, 224-suite condominium, and shows that green living does not have to mean compromising design or comfort.

Condo residents benefit with a 35 to 40%eduction in energy use over a new building built to code, and 40% less water used.

At M5V‘s sales centre, at King St. W. and Peter Sts., green features include energy efficient and water-conserving appliances, roof water collection for irrigation of the green landscaping at the sales centre, a permeable paving system, which absorbs rain water instead of letting it flow to storm sewers, and an efficient heat-recovery ventilation system.

“People don’t realize that half your heating load is ventilation, so the sales centre and the condo will be using exhaust air for pre-heating,” Carpenter explains.

What also makes this sales centre unusual is that it can be taken down and re-used. Traditionally, sales centres are destroyed once construction of the condominium begins, which add loads of debris to landfill sites. In M5V‘s case, the flooring is all dry-laid so that it can be re-used, the mechanical equipment on the roof can be taken down, and the wall panels are re-mountable.

Although M5V has broken new ground with the first LEED-registered sales office, it will be one of many condos in Toronto that have been voluntarily built to a green standard. In Canada 325 projects are registered to become LEED certified, and 53 are certified. B.C. leads the way with 22% of all LEED certifications, followed by Ontario with 14%.

“The first LEED condo was done by Minto,” says Jeahny Shim, president and editor of Urbanation. “Tridel has also built LEED-certified condos and other developers are voluntarily starting to incorporate green features. This is consumer-driven as consumers are more aware of energy costs and 40% of maintenance fees are for utilities.”

The M5V condo project is in the final stages of planning approval, says Mortazavi.

Building green is voluntary, costs more than traditional construction (up to $100,000 extra for a condominium to be LEED-certified) and takes longer for approvals, which is why the City of Toronto is working to bring another Toronto-specific rating standard to the market along with incentives for developers to build green.

The idea is to set the bar high and make it easier to reach. This way, consumers, who have everything to gain from green building, will have more developments like M5V to choose from, and green features will be the norm, not the exception.

In the end, the rating system is just part of the solution. D’Abramo, Carpenter, Love and Morris are all working toward the same goal — incorporating high levels of energy efficiency in all future condominium developments.

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