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Laurin Jeffrey


It has been a long and winding road. From mechanical engineering in BC (where I had my finger broken in a logging riot) through to a journalism degree in Ontario; which led me into the wild world of the internet and the chaos of the dot com boom and bust (like giving away a Humvee in LA). I got fed up with all of it right about the time my wife’s real estate business was taking off. I loved the freedom and variety being a Realtor offered, so I jumped at the chance to join her.

It became an even better idea once children came along, as it allowed me to spend more time with them, without the 9-5 grind. And that same freedom working in real estate allowed me to pursue other passions. Did you know that I was part-owner of an art gallery in Parkdale for 3 years? Or that I have sold my work through the AGO? I was even one of the stars of a short-lived TV show. I love my life, my family, my job… I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything!

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