Peanut Factory Lofts – 306 Sackville Street

The Peanut Factory Lofts is an older loft conversion in the heart of Cabbagetown

History of the Peanut Factory Lofts

The Peanut Factory Lofts are said to be a converted peanut warehouse and processing plant located in the heart of Cabbagetown. It was converted to lofts in 1988 by Canadian Opportunity Investments Limited and now contains 9 massive townhouse-style lofts ranging in size from 1,700 to 2,600 square feet.

Peanut Factory Lofts – 306 Sackville Street

Not sure what the original building looked like, but the conversion sure has 80s exuberance

One of Toronto’s earliest loft conversions, The Peanut Factory is one of a handful of lofts in Cabbagetown (joining the Sword Lofts, Evening Telegram Lofts, Nursing Lofts, Bleecker Street Lofts and the Millington Lofts).

Peanut Factory Lofts – 306 Sackville Street

Peanut Factory Lofts have large spaces spread over multiple floors

These multi-level lofts exude charm and grace as living spaces. All of the original maple floors were saved and reconditioned – plus each suite has a real fireplace. Ceilings range up to 20+ feet with large warehouse windows. Most of the units at the Peanut Factory Lofts have two bedrooms (unit 4 has only 1 bedroom and unit 9 has 3), with each loft spread across three or four floors with a main floor garage.

Peanut Factory Lofts – 306 Sackville Street

The Peanut Factory Lofts have lots of windows and lots of stairs

With only 9 units this loft conversion rarely has any units that come on the market, so when they do they go very quickly. I have only ever seen one in person, it was big but rather dated if I recall. To put it in perspective, there have only been 7 listings in the past 20 years.

Peanut Factory Lofts – 306 Sackville Street

Each of the Peanut Factory Lofts has a private rooftop terrace

Looking back at old fire maps, the building doesn’t appear before 1924. Poring over old aerial photos, I can see it first appears in 1956. But not in 1953. So it must have been built in the intervening years. The style doesn’t really date it, so a mid-century date makes as much sense as any.

Peanut Factory Lofts – 306 Sackville Street

The Beaver Nut Co. warehouse first shows up in the 1956 aerial photos

I had always wondered if it was connected to Planters Peanuts, knowing they had a presence in Toronto. But it was a great reader who pointed out to me that it was a warehouse for the Beaver Nut Company. She said she never saw employees coming and going, just big trucks now and then. I can’t find anything to confirm or deny this, but there was a Beaver Nut Co. in Toronto at some point. Almost no information about them at all, which is too bad.

Peanut Factory Lofts – 306 Sackville Street

The only mention I’ve found of the Beaver Nut Co., in a 1973 Globe & Mail article about nut prices increasing

It is the house on the north side of the property that really confuses me. Did the developer just buy the warehouse and the house next door and convert everything? The house is numbered 306, but the lofts also have that address. Is the house simply one of the units? Old MLS listings are old, with no photos, so I cannot tell. The warehouse would then have likely had a different address in the past, maybe 304 Sackville. But who lived in the house while the warehouse was in operation?

Peanut Factory Lofts – 306 Sackville Street

You can still buy Beaver Nut tins today

The building had a weird moment in the sun in 2014 when it came to light as the previous home of disgraced CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi.

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